Baby Care

Why Muslin?

Our muslins are 100% cotton and breathable. The lightweight fabric is perfect for babies as it allows airflow and therefore reduces the risk of overheating, keeping bubba comfy.

Otto muslins can be washed at 30° and the bonus is that they get softer with each wash.

What can otto muslins be used for?

Because of the size of our muslins  (120cm x 120cm) there are loads of uses for these handy squares.

They can be used as:

A swaddle

The perfect blanket for the park or for some tummy time

A nursing cover

A burp cloth

A pram cover

A changing mat cover  

- Ensure you stop swaddling your baby before your baby starts rolling over.

- Remove all loose bedding/stuffed animals/toys/pillows when baby is in the cot.


What is Tog?

The tog rating/weight of a sleeping bag determines its thickness and therefore how warm it keeps your baby. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the sleeping bag.

All our sleeping bags are 'light' - approximately 0.5 tog.  This means they are made from single sheets of cotton muslin, without any padding.  They are suitable for use in room temperatures above 24°C.  Ideal for hot weather and Summer Holidays.

When using these sleeping bags, in 24°C + babies should wear short sleeve body suits only. In temperatures between 21°C-24°C babies should wear short sleeve body suits and leggings.